Tips for your recipe creations

Thermomix® is so much more than a blender, food processor and mixer – it combines over 20 kitchen appliances in one. Find basic recipes and tips that will help you get inspired to create your own culinary masterpieces with the Created Recipes feature!

Your kitchen - your rules!

One of the greatest things about Cookidoo® and Thermomix® is the endless variety of different recipes right at your fingertips… and the freedom that comes along with them! Get inspired by our basic recipes and cooking tips to help you create your very own recipe creations! Read on to get familiar with our favourite Thermomix® themes: multi-level cooking, chopping and steaming, high temperature recipes, our favourite basic recipes, and Sous-vide and Slow cooking modes! Even novice cooks can create their own brilliant recipes with Thermomix®!

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Flavours on all levels

Thanks to the clever combination of the Thermomix® mixing bowl, simmering basket, Varoma dish and Varoma tray, you can simultaneously prepare different parts of your meal, or even meal prep ingredients for later in the week! Add potatoes or rice to the simmering basket, cook vegetables in the Varoma dish, meat or fish in the Varoma tray, and prepare your sauce in the mixing bowl. It’s that easy! When creating or editing your own recipes, embrace the multi-level functionality of your Thermomix® .

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Choose the perfect side or base

Some veggies with that?

Tips for chopping and steaming

Want to create your own recipes, but not sure where to start? Be sure to check out our article to find helpful tips and tricks including the chopping and steaming tables to heIp you create your very own mouthwatering creations!

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Get some steaming inspiration

Turn up the heat!

Who doesn’t love the satisfying sound of a sauté? By sautéing, browning, and caramelising your vegetables, meat, and fish, you will get unbeatable restaurant-quality aromas and flavours. So why not take your dishes to the next level with our High Temperature basic recipes! High Temperature mode is only available in Cookidoo® Guided Cooking recipes, so be sure to check out our collection of high temperature basics below!

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Homemade basics

When preparing your pantry staples with Thermomix®, you’ll always know exactly what's in your recipes (and what's not)! Check out our themed page to find recipe basics for your pantry and read our tips to help you prepare basic ingredients in the comfort of your own home!

Back to basics

Our favourite homemade basics

Our top rated sauces for your creations

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Sous-vide and Slow cook with Thermomix®

Thanks to the precise temperature control of Thermomix®, you can prepare melt in your mouth sous-vide and slow cooking recipes in your own kitchen! To get familiar with cooking times and temperatures for your own creations, check out the time and temperature cooking tables below.

Sous vide and slow cooking tables

Enhance your creations with these mouthwatering recipes

New to Created recipes?

Check out our Created recipes page to learn more.

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