All-natural pantry staples

There are many ingredients that can easily be made from scratch so that you don't need to buy them. Making your own means you'll know exactly what's going into your food; wholesome, natural ingredients without preservatives, that are much better for you.

Opt for whole ingredients

Store ingredients in their whole form - Thermomix® can grind them as and when needed. For example, keep granulated sugar in your cupboard then grind it into icing sugar as needed. You can make your own flour mixtures from whole grains, and keep spices fresher for longer by buying them in their whole form. Always grind your own ingredients just before using to retain their freshness and flavour.

Homemade dry goods

Make it your own

Making pantry staples from scratch allows you to personalise recipes. Fill your pantry, fridge and freezer with homemade ingredients, and with a little imagination, you'll have the beginnings of some delicious, creative meals.

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5 reasons to make your own ingredients

  1. Healthy: real food, without hidden ingredients. The best way to know what's in the food you eat is to cook from scratch. Always preserve fruit and vegetables in season when they are full of flavour and nutrients.

  2. For all tastes and diets: adjust the sugar, salt, or other ingredients according to your or your family´s taste, needs and allergies. You can also make ingredients that are difficult to find or expensive, for example gluten-free ingredients.

  3. Easy: controlled temperatures and the many Thermomix® functions -- chopping, grinding, blending, kneading, etc. -- make it easy to produce your own ingredients.

  4. Save money: All you need are a few basic ingredients that you can buy in bulk and in season, when they're less expensive. You have complete control over your ingredients and can drastically limit your food waste.

  5. Good for the environment: reduce waste by reusing jars, bottles and other containers to store your homemade goods in.

Make your own curry or stock pastes and basic sauces

No need to buy condiments, table sauces or dressings

Breakfast and snacks, exactly how you like them

How to get started creating your own ingredients

• Plan your menus in Cookidoo® • Check which ingredients you can make at home • Create a “Homemade Pantry” collection • Choose one or two items to make at home each week • Add these recipes to your weekly shopping list, and soon you’ll have a pantry brimming with homemade goods!

Tailor ingredients to your needs

With Thermomix® it's easy to make your own allergy-free ingredients, from gluten-free flour and egg-free mayonnaise, to nut milks and nut butters. Check out some recipes below.

Homemade dairy alternatives

Gluten-free snacks and breads

Sweet jams and biscuits

Even more homemade ingredient inspiration