Let’s get creative

No matter how busy you are, cooking good food for yourself and your family is always possible! Rely on Thermomix® to help unleash your creativity and whip up some exciting, tasty dishes in the kitchen.

Planning ahead with Cookidoo® allows for spontaneous cooking

Take advantage of downtime in your day, perhaps on your daily commute or while waiting for an appointment, to browse Cookidoo® for recipe inspiration.

Bookmark recipes you want to try. Next time you’re scrambling for dinner ideas, you can quickly browse through the dishes that caught your eye.

Plan your menus in advance in My week. This gives you time to think about how to adapt a recipe to better suit your needs; for example, replacing an ingredient a member of your family is allergic to. You can then add recipes to your shopping list so that when you’re ready to cook, everything you need is at your fingertips.

Save your favorites to collections: group recipes into lists according to your needs, such as “Must try”, “Meals in 30 minutes”, or “Sunday baking”. This way you’ll find your favourites even faster, and you'll be cooking in no time.

Search based on what you have: nothing planned for today? Only eggs and courgettes in the fridge? Search on these ingredients and filter by total time to discover a whole host of unfamiliar but delicious recipes!

Make ahead: if you’ve got a busy week in store, Thermomix® can help you prepare nutritious, great-tasting dishes that can be made ahead of time then enjoyed later.

5 Tips to be more creative

  1. Think outside the box: Thermomix® makes it easy to explore different cuisines. Try including new recipes in your weekly plan once or twice a week to expand your repertoire. If it’s for a weeknight, filter by total time and ‘easy’. You never know, today’s exotic dinner could become a Wednesday night tradition!
  2. Check out the tips and variations: If you cook the same recipes often, you may be feeling a bit tired of them. To shake things up a bit, try checking the tips and variations! Whether it’s an alternative ingredient or a different way of serving, you may discover a whole new way to enjoy your favourite recipe.
  3. Make a recipe your own: make small changes every time you prepare a meal, such as replacing an ingredient or adding a topping, until you’re happy with the result. With Thermomix® to guide you, you’ll have a recipe that fits your needs.
  4. Tackle challenging recipes with confidence: when you’ve got the time, try cooking that one recipe you’ve always dreamed of making. Thermomix® supports you every step of the way, so any recipe is possible!
  5. Adapt and combine basics: basic Thermomix® recipes are easy to make and easy to tweak! Try using the Basil Pesto recipe as a template for rocket, coriander or spinach pesto. Replace the pine nuts with walnuts for a flavourful alternative, or use the pesto as a garnish for homemade soup.

Try new recipes, introduce alternative flavours and ingredients, and liven up your daily cooking routine. Start exploring Cookidoo® today and unleash your creativity!

Search for inspiration

With thousands of recipes from all around the world on Cookidoo®, you’ll never be stuck for inspiration again!