Get to Know Cookidoo®

Cookidoo® is Vorwerk's official recipe platform where you will find new dishes to make with Thermomix®. With an extensive catalogue which is constantly growing, and new recipes that have guaranteed success. Here, discover the basics about how to get around the platform and get the most out of your Thermomix® device and Cookidoo® subscription. Happy cooking!

Benefits with Cookidoo®

Like Robin to Batman, Cookidoo® is your Thermomix® sidekick, your culinary partner to help take care of and inspire you in the kitchen!

Cookidoo® helps you:
● Create culinary wow every day
● Organise and plan your meals
● Save time and money
● Provide delicious, nutritious meals for your loved ones

Cookidoo® takes care of you by offering:
● A diverse range of healthy recipe options
● Recipes tailored to all diets, lifestyles, and stages of life
● Tools to simplify meal planning and preparation

Cookidoo® inspires you with:
● Thousands of recipes in over 20 languages
● Personalised recipe recommendations
● Inspirational editorial content on the latest culinary trends