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Magic Side by Side - The new Thermomix Friend®

The latest addition to the Thermomix® family, Thermomix Friend®, allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously, saving you more time and creating even more tasty culinary possibilities. Thermomix Friend® can take over cooking steps so your Thermomix® is free for other vital recipe steps. Amazing meals made in one go, through specifically designed recipes with parallel guided cooking for more ‘wow’ moments. Discover Thermomix Friend®

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    Raise a toast to summer and soak up the sensational flavours of the sunshine season with a sip of something special. Discover delicious drink ideas here.

  • 20 Must-Try Ice Creams

    Discover our ice cream tips and suggestions for a perfect homemade summer treat!

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  • Summer Picnics

    With the arrival of warm weather, it feels good to enjoy meals outdoors. Discover recipes and ideas for beach days, countryside picnics, road trips and other excursions!

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  • Everyday Summer Meals

    Summer is the season of fresh air, backyard barbecues and cold refreshing drinks, eaten al fresco with friends. Discover favourite summer recipes and meal ideas here.

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  • Cooking with Chicken

    Chicken is such a versatile, lean meat. Discover ways to perk up your poultry recipes here.

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  • Decorating Cakes

    Find tips and tricks for making and decorating cakes with Thermomix®.

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  • Travel to Poland

    Join us on a culinary journey to discover the flavours of Poland.

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Watermelon Juice

The temperatures are soaring and nothing quenches thirst better than a ripe, juicy watermelon. Blitz it up into a refreshing juice and enjoy it outside in the sun!

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Introducing Pastries Class with Camila

Learn the basics of making your own crust. Or expand your knowledge and up your pastry game. Our chef will walk you through all the steps, from mixing simple shortcrust pastry to more advanced techniques allowing you to recreate iconic patisserie classics or even invent your own.

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This Week's Favourites - Pea-fection

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Online Ingredient Ordering Through Cookidoo®

Available in the UK only.

Do you like planning meals in advance? Do you enjoy putting recipes in your weekly planner and generating a shopping list so that you don’t forget to stock up on the items you’ll need? Now you can save time and make your life even easier by ordering your ingredients directly online! Use Cookidoo® to get all your weekly supermarket shopping delivered directly to your door or ready for pickup.

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