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NEW! Access modes from your TM6 recipe creations

Discover Created recipes… Start your own recipe creations or import your favourite Cookidoo® recipes, easily modifying ingredients and steps as you need! Save them all in one place and cook them with your Thermomix®. New! Now, when cooking your own recipe creations on your Thermomix® TM6, you can access all the modes you love.

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Go Green Feel Good

This is your personal invitation to discover our latest cookbook, Go Green, Feel Good, a tasty guide to sustainable living. In addition to 70 mouth-watering Thermomix® recipes from around the world, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of culinary and environmentally conscious inspiration to tantalise your tastebuds and help you kickstart your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle!

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  • Our Vegan Favourites

    As the vegan lifestyle continues to grow more prominent, so do the dishes that showcase the delicious versatility of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. From vegan staples to sweets, put your Thermomix® to work so you can enjoy some of our favourite vegan recipes.

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  • Culinary Journey Through Mexico

    Join us on a culinary journey to discover the mouth-watering flavours of Mexico. Find delicious Mexican recipes on Cookidoo®.

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  • Camping with Thermomix®

    Whether you want to bring Thermomix® along, or prep with Thermomix® in advance – check out our Thermomix® camping survival guide to help you simplify your camping experience.

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  • Dairy-Free and Delicious

    Discover our selection of delectable treats that are perfect for those warmer summer days. Introducing dairy-free alternatives to your diet has never been easier!

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  • Fusion Cuisine

    Food travels, flavours mingle, traditions blend. Discover our recipe suggestions and get inspired to create your own fusion dishes.

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  • Flexitarian Flavours

    Whether you’re a meat lover, a flexitarian, or are curious about flexitarian cooking – give our delicious recipes a try!

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  • Culinary Journey to Japan

    With a varied cuisine rich in regional specialties, Japanese cooking favours seasonal and fresh ingredients, and delicate seasonings and presentation. Ignite all your senses with our delicious recipes and tips.

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Tamarind and Chilli Barbecued Lamb Chops

These lamb chops are spicy, sticky and sweet – perfect for a weekend barbecue or a quick midweek dinner packed with smoky flavour.

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Magic Side by Side - The new Thermomix Friend®

The latest addition to the Thermomix® family, Thermomix Friend®, allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously, saving you more time and creating even more tasty culinary possibilities. Thermomix Friend® can take over cooking steps so your Thermomix® is free for other vital recipe steps. Amazing meals made in one go, through specifically designed recipes with parallel guided cooking for more ‘wow’ moments. Discover Thermomix Friend®

Our Favourites for National Potato Day - 19th August

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Online Ingredient Ordering Through Cookidoo®

Available in the UK only.

Do you like planning meals in advance? Do you enjoy putting recipes in your weekly planner and generating a shopping list so that you don’t forget to stock up on the items you’ll need? Now you can save time and make your life even easier by ordering your ingredients directly online! Use Cookidoo® to get all your weekly supermarket shopping delivered directly to your door or ready for pickup.

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