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Created Recipes coming soon!

Great news! On November 16th our new Cookidoo® feature “Created Recipes” is launching, and you are right in the middle of it! Are you already excited?

Magic Side by Side - The new Thermomix Friend®

The latest addition to the Thermomix® family, Thermomix Friend®, allows you to cook two dishes simultaneously, saving you more time and creating even more tasty culinary possibilities. Thermomix Friend® can take over cooking steps so your Thermomix® is free for other vital recipe steps. Amazing meals made in one go, through specifically designed recipes with parallel guided cooking for more ‘wow’ moments. Discover Thermomix Friend®

  • Culinary journey through China

    Sour, sweet, spicy, salty and bitter, a large range of different tastes are represented across the many traditional and modern dishes. Let’s begin our full-flavoured journey with Cookidoo®.

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  • Have a scarily delicious Halloween

    Thermomix® recipes for Halloween! Discover fun ideas to celebrate this spooky holiday. Discover our Halloween recipes for kids and adults alike: drinks, main courses, sweets, desserts, and pumpkin recipes.

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  • Everyday Autumn

    With the weather getting colder, there’s nothing better than cosying up with a big bowl of something comforting. Discover our suggestions for quick dinners, satisfying soups, and hearty, warming stews.

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  • Summer Brunch

    Few things are better than breaking bread with friends over delicious food and drink, sharing stories and snippets of life. And there’s no better way than over a bright and sunny brunch. Find your bliss - and the best recipes! - with Thermomix®.

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  • 7 Delicious Ways to Cook Mushrooms

    Every autumn, hundreds of edible mushroom species spring up from the damp forest floor... each packed with a unique array of earthy flavours, nutrients, and textures. Discover this extremely versatile ingredient: from pastas and soups, to pies and pastries.

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  • Best of Thermomix® Community Stars

    This month, we are delighted to be featuring some of our Community Stars members, bringing you fabulous recipes, tips and experiences from Poland, Portugal and Italy.

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  • Back to School Meal Prep

    Organisation and planning are key for a smooth return to the school routine after the holidays. Spend a few hours on the weekend or on weeknights designing menus, making shopping lists and preparing meals for the following days.

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Butternut Squash, Sage and Hazelnut Tart

This eye-catching vegetarian tart not only looks delicious but is also easy to put together. Make the quick pastry while the squash is roasting, then add the squash to the pastry case before pouring in the egg filling.

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Introducing Pastries Class with Camila

Learn the basics of making your own crust. Or expand your knowledge and up your pastry game. Our chef will walk you through all the steps, from mixing simple shortcrust pastry to more advanced techniques allowing you to recreate iconic patisserie classics or even invent your own.

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This Week's Favourites -Pumpkins

Online Ingredient Ordering Through Cookidoo®

Available in the UK only.

Do you like planning meals in advance? Do you enjoy putting recipes in your weekly planner and generating a shopping list so that you don’t forget to stock up on the items you’ll need? Now you can save time and make your life even easier by ordering your ingredients directly online! Use Cookidoo® to get all your weekly supermarket shopping delivered directly to your door or ready for pickup.

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