Happy Pride!

Discover everything you need to host a spectacular rainbow party for your family and friends.

Host a Rainbow-themed Party

June is Pride month – a month-long celebration of diversity, equality, and visibility. Observed around the world to honour and remember the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York, Pride is about continuing to raise awareness of and fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

Throwing a Pride party for your friends and family is a great way to show your support for the LGBTQ+ community and get involved with this joyous movement. Whether you’d like to host a fabulous brunch or an impressive dinner party, get the party started with our round-up of rainbow-coloured treats, delicious nibbles, and crowd-pleasing cocktails, all made easy thanks to Thermomix®.

Rainbow Recipes

Pick a Theme, any Theme!

The key to throwing a memorable Pride party? Set a theme! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Weekend brunch • Rainbow cocktail night • Potluck supper • Garden scavenger hunt • Karaoke party • Neon dance party • Formal dinner party • Pride trivia/quiz night • Pride-themed crafts evening • Afternoon tea party

Beautiful Brunch Ideas

Classy Cocktails and Mocktails

All the Colours of the Rainbow

Here are some ways to ensure your party is as colourful as it can be:

• Create a rainbow ‘selfie wall’ using brightly-coloured garlands and streamers, and place a few fun photobooth props in front of it so that your guests can get snapping.

• Decorate your entertaining space with an array of rainbow-coloured balloons. The more the merrier – have fun with it!

• Cover tables with rainbow-coloured table cloths, plates, bowls, glasses and napkins. You can arrange them according to colour and create separate ‘stations’ e.g. cocktails, desserts etc., or mix them all together.

• Set up a ‘glam station’ where your guests can try out colourful new make-up looks.

• Put together gift bags for your guests to take home containing small homemade treats. Search Cookidoo® for homemade gift inspiration!

Bake a Showstopper!

The centre piece of your Pride party

A party without a cake is just a gathering, so pull out all the stops for your Pride extravaganza with a show stopping layer cake that’s guaranteed to wow your guests. Take a look at the rest of this collection for more inspiration.

Layers upon layers

Cupcakes and Cakes

Seeking more colour inspiration?