Celebrate the summer

Long, warm summer evenings are made for parties! Read on for some fabulous food and drink ideas that will delight your guests and ensure your party goes with a bang.

Quick and easy finger food

Irresistible dips and spreads

Salad station

Whether you're serving it as a main course or as an accompanying dish to meat or seafood, you can't go wrong with salad at a summer party. Quick to put together and easy to customise, prepare two or three different salads to ensure you're catering for different tastes at your party e.g. vegetarian, chicken, meat, seafood or pasta. You could also create a make-your-own salad bar! Simply prepare a few salad bases, chop up different vegetables and fruit, and include protein such as shredded chicken, chopped eggs, cheese or sautéed prawns. Finish off with a few homemade sauces or dressings, and your guests can help themselves to create their perfect salad.

More salad inspiration

Light, summery salad recipes

Quick tips

Plan in advance: get organised by searching recipes on Cookidoo® that can be made ahead or are quick to prepare, and create your own “Summer Party” collection.

Finger food: miniaturise your food for easy serving and eating! Serve it in individual portions, in small glasses or jars, or in bite-size pieces.

Drinks: offer a mixture of cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks and juices, with sliced lemons and limes for garnishes. For a fun twist, freeze fruit or mint with water in ice cube trays.

Fruit and vegetables: bulk out your buffet by cutting up different vegetables for dips such as carrots, cucumber, celery or broccoli. Serve fresh fruit in a bowl with ice cubes in, and invite your guests to add them to their drinks or desserts (Berry Foam makes a great, speedy pudding!)

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