Summer Picnics

With the arrival of warm weather, it's a no-brainer that we want to enjoy meals outdoors. Discover recipes and ideas for beach days, countryside picnics, road trips and other excursions!

Snacks for road tripping

Picnic essentials

• Large picnic blanket • Thermal bag • Cool drinks • Easy to pack and serve foods • Reusable plates, cutlery and glasses • The shade of a tree • Good company

For a classic park picnic

Relax on the beach with these favourites

For those stuck in the office… a lunch in the park!

What's better than homemade food on the go?

A Thermomix® on the go? Why not take your Thermomix® on vacation with you! Keep your all- in-one kitchen appliance right by your side so you can prepare delicious meals at the cottage, in the campervan or wherever you may be! Discover 7 tips and tricks about one of the most versatile Thermomix® accessories - the Varoma.

Varoma Tips and Tricks

To the holiday home

Hydration Station

Remember to bring plenty of water and fresh fruit to the beach such as watermelon, melon, grapes, peaches and other seasonal fruit. Hydration is key!

Hydration station