Everyday Spring Cooking

Getting tired of heavier hearty dishes? Thankfully Spring is finally in sight! It's time to lighten up the dishes and incorporate that long-awaited fresh Spring produce. Check out our seasonal and quick weeknight recipe ideas.

Quick Ways to Put Asparagus on the Dinner Table

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Cooking with Peas

Protein in a Pinch

Time for Leafy Greens

Craving lighter meals now that Spring is here? With the change in seasons, many people long for anti-oxidant rich, leafy greens. It's time to add a spring salad to your main meal and get a healthy dose of nutrients!

Build the Perfect Salad

Incorporating Spinach

Great Ways to Enjoy Rhubarb

Looking to complement your spring veggies?

With the Rice Cooker mode  you can prepare delicious grains in no time! Read our article to learn tips on mastering midweek rice.

Rice Cooker Mode