Using the Rice Cooker mode 

Rice is a universal ingredient, enjoyed in various ways to accompany a variety of dishes. Basmati rice traditionally accompanies Indian curries, jasmine rice traditionally accompanies Thai-style curries, brown basmati is popular as a healthy and tasty rice, and long grain rice is the universal rice enjoyed by everyone.

Let Thermomix® prepare the rice to serve on the side while you prepare everything else. The cooking time and temperature will be defined by Thermomix®. The rice is cooked in a precise and gentle way so that you can rely on a good result every time. The TM6 Rice Cooker mode also cooks other grains, apart from rice, such as millet or bulgur wheat.

5 Steps to perfect rice

  1. Choose the rice or grain. We recommend parboiled rice, or easy cook rice, for a good result every time. It will not overcook, and the grains stay separated.
  2. Weigh out the right amount of raw rice or grain, approx. 75 g per person.
  3. Add water and salt according to the recipe or the package.
  4. Place the simmering basket on the mixing bowl lid instead of the measuring cup.
  5. Start the Rice Cooker mode.

Tips - Rice Cooker mode

• Always replace the measuring cup with the simmering basket when using the Rice Cooker mode.
• The ratio of water will depend on the grain that you are using, the brand and also on the grain amount. Start by using the Rice Cooker recipes to familiarise yourself with the amount of water to grain, before adjusting to your own taste.
• Brown rice or wholegrains may need to be soaked before being cooked.
• Cooked rice will keep warm for approximately 10 minutes in the Thermomix® before serving.
• Always stir the cooked rice with the spatula before serving.
• If the rice is not going to be served immediately, cool it down to room temperature quickly by spreading it out on a plate or tray. Refrigerate or freeze as soon as the rice is at room temperature.
• Refrigerate cooked rice for up to 2 days, or freeze for up to one month.

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