Easter menu inspiration

Whether you're hosting a traditional Easter feast for family or inviting friends round for an informal lunch, make the most of the long weekend with some delicious, homemade Easter dishes.

Extra special starters

Easter eggs

As a symbol of birth and new growth, eggs have always been closely linked to Easter and spring time. Cooking eggs with Thermomix® gives perfect results every time, so you can enjoy them any time of the day!

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Celebrate with spring lamb

Delicious Easter main dishes

In the UK, there are many different dishes associated with the Easter celebration. On Good Friday, it's traditional to eat fish for supper. Try baking a whole fish, poaching fillets, making fishcakes, or enjoying your favourite fish simply panfried with a little seasoning. The traditional meal for Easter Sunday is roast lamb with all the trimmings, but turkey and ham are also popular. Whether you'd like to plan a traditional, multi-course lunch made up of classic dishes, or you'd prefer a more casual menu of nibbles and sharing dishes, you'll find what you need on Cookidoo®.

Chicken Florentine Involtini - Involtini di pollo alla fiorentina

Chicken Florentine Involtini - Involtini di pollo alla fiorentina

Steamed smoked haddock with new potatoes and spinach

Steamed smoked haddock with new potatoes and spinach

All-In-One 'Roast' Beef

All-In-One 'Roast' Beef

Steamed Poussins and Fruity Quinoa

Steamed Poussins and Fruity Quinoa

5 ways to celebrate Easter with Thermomix®

  • Drinks for a crowd
    Serve a jug of Thermomix® Lemonade to quench your thirst.

  • Easter Treats
    For Easter Egg hunt snacks, make these cute Carrot Cake Cupcakes.

  • Serving lamb?
    Try this Salsa Verde for a deliciously different accompaniment.

  • Easy Easter sauces
    You can rely on Hollandaise to work every time with Thermomix®.

  • Perfectly cooked eggs
    Eggs and Thermomix® go so well together. Read this article for tips on how to cook perfect eggs.

Enjoy a meat-free Easter

Make-ahead favourites

Rich yeast dough is easy with Thermomix®

Sweet, rich yeast dough pastries, such as milk bread and brioche, are popular at Easter. But how can you ensure great results? It's important to know that the butter, sugar and eggs in rich doughs can inhibit the fermentation of the yeast, and cause the dough to rise more slowly. The skill is in the kneading! With Thermomix®, the powerful kneading action makes this easy; developing gluten in even the most buttery doughs. The most important thing to remember? Don't rush the proving: sweet, fluffy celebration bread is worth the wait.

Easter bread inspiration

Sweet Easter treats

Start planning your Easter menu with Cookidoo®

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