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Dough Mode 

What is it?

Dough mode primarily mixes yeast-based doughs to improve the texture and quality of sweet and savoury breads.

How does it work?

Dough mode uses both clockwise and anti-clockwise mixing to replicate the effect of kneading dough by hand.

Works best for:

  • Sweet and savoury cooks looking for a croissant at breakfast or a pizza for dinner.
  • Loaf lovers looking for freshly baked bread.
  • No kneaders looking to leave all the hard work to their Thermomix®.

Did you know?

2 minutes of using Dough mode in your TM6 is the equivalent of 10 minutes kneading by hand!

Plus, get perfect baked goods every time thanks to Thermomix® Sensor! Cook with confidence as it measures both internal and ambient temperature, ensuring ideal cooking conditions for crusty loaves and perfectly cooked rolls.

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Cold Outside?

The best environment for proving dough is usually a draft-free area that remains between 24-27°C.

In colder weather, or for enriched doughs, create optimal proving conditions by placing the dough in the Varoma dish and using the TM6 Fermentation mode.

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Never Ending Possibilities with Dough Mode

Top Tips:

  • • Dough mode can be used with a maximum of 1kg of dough.
  • • Grind whole grains in your Thermomix® to make a variety of wholegrain flours for your breads.
  • • Add ingredients such as raisins, nuts, grated cheese or olives after kneading, then knead again for a few seconds to incorporate.
  • • Doughs such as brioche and cinnamon buns can require longer kneading times because fat (e.g. butter, vegetable oil) can inhibit gluten formation.
  • • To test if your yeast is still active: Place 200 g water, 1 tsp dried instant yeast and 1 tsp caster sugar in mixing bowl and heat 3 min/37°C/speed 2. Transfer to a bowl and leave for 10 minutes. If mixture is frothy and bubbly, the yeast is active. If not, the yeast needs to be replaced.
  • • If the dough is stuck at the bottom of the bowl or around the blade, tip the mixing bowl upside down and twist the blade from underneath to loosen.
  • • To remove sticky bread dough from the blades, remove as much dough as possible from the mixing bowl then mix 5 sec/speed 7.

No yeast? No problem!

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