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Slicing Mode 

What is it?

Using the Thermomix® Cutter accessory, you can effortlessly slice fruit and vegetables with Slicing mode.

How does it work?

With the cutter disc inserted with side 1 facing up, conveniently choose between a thin (1-2 mm) or thick (4-5 mm) cut to rapidly slice a wide variety of fruits or vegetables in seconds.

Works best for:

  • Time conscious chefs looking to save time preparing ingredients.
  • Precise foodies looking for the most even and accurate cuts.
  • Raw eaters looking to retain the nutritious benefits of eating raw.

What can Slicing Mode do?

• Slice Parmesan thinly to create shavings for salad or soup garnishes. • Thickly cut fruit such as apples, pineapples and strawberries for fruit platters and cheeseboards. • Thinly sliced radishes are perfect for a salad. • Thickly slice lemons to garnish drinks. • Thinly slice potatoes for a delicious potato gratin.

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A Guide to Slicing!

Explore the many ingredients which can be sliced using Thermomix® Cutter and Slicing mode.

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Top Tips:

  • • Ensure the cutter disc is inserted with side 1 facing up. The dark central hub needs to be facing upwards for slicing.
  • • Slicing in batches will ensure a better end result and avoid overflowing the cutter basket. To optimise your time, weigh all the ingredients before starting slicing. Remember that the basket holds approximately 800 g grated fruits or vegetables.
  • • Large ingredients such as butternut squash, aubergine or celeriac need trimming to fit in the feeder.
  • • For half-moon slices of long vegetables such as aubergines, choose small slices and cut them in half lengthways using a knife. Place the halves upright in the wide part of the feeder tube.
  • • Thickly slice vegetables in batches and freeze for roasts, soups or stews.
  • • Fruits and vegetables should be ripe but firm to the touch.

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With the Thermomix® Cutter, you can perfectly slice and grate cucumber, potatoes, and other fruits and vegetables, for stunning salads, oven-baked dishes, and tons of your other favourite recipes. Effortless cutting with exceptional results - all in one disc!

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