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High Temperature Mode 

What is it?

High Temperature mode is ideal for sautéing, browning and caramelising ingredients to create intense flavours, colours and aromas in many types of recipes in Guided Cooking.

How does it work?

High temperatures above 120°C allows fast, even browning on meat, vegetables, and seafood, which enriches the flavour and caramelises the natural sugars.

Works best for:

  • Flavour lovers who want to improve any dish with a rich, wonderful depth of flavour.
  • Clean cooks who prefer to avoid the fuss of frying on a stovetop.
  • Rapid or relaxed chefs who enjoy a 5-minute stir fry as well as a 4 hour bourguignon.

Did you know?

While some foods require low heat for the perfect texture, others need a blast of heat to bring out intense, slightly toasted flavours and crispy textures. Onions, shallots and garlic form part of many dishes. Get your own recipes started by sautéing, browning or caramelising them with High Temp. mode.

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High Temp. Mode Recipes


For safety reasons, High Temp. mode is only available in Guided Cooking recipes. Use our High Temp. Basics recipes to get your own recipes started. Use the splash guard with High Temp. recipes when instructed in Guided Cooking to avoid hot splashes. For safety reasons, the splash guard should not be used to replace the simmering basket on top of the mixing bowl lid.

High Temp. Basics

Top Tips:

  • • Caramelised sugars from high temperature can leave some residue in the base of the mixing bowl, the same as when using a frying pan. These rich residues can be deglazed with liquid and will cook into the dish, enhancing the flavour. If using the browned ingredients straight away, without further cooking, simply run Pre-clean mode after emptying the mixing bowl to make cleaning fast and effortless.
  • • Drying pieces of meat with a paper towel before adding them to the mixing bowl will ensure deep browning.
  • • Start your own recipe by sautéing meat with High Temp. mode for an aromatic and browned outside, and then finish off cooking with Slow Cook mode to create a perfectly tender and flavourful dish.
  • • To guarantee the success of recipes using High Temp. mode, the ingredients used must exactly match the quantities and descriptions specified.

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Turn Up the Heat!

Check out this collection of recipes that all utilise high temperature cooking mode to give the dishes more flavour, by browning meat and sautéing or caramelising vegetables.

High Temp. Cooking