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Sous Vide Mode 

A chef's technique… right at your fingertips!

This mode is all about gently cooking your food at low, controlled temperatures. Cook vacuum-sealed meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit for up to 12 hours at temperatures between 40°C and 85°C for extremely tender and juicy results. Sous-vide cooking preserves the nutrients of ingredients and enhances flavours and aromas while reducing the need for excess salt and seasoning. Feel like a chef with Sous Vide mode and impress your guests. The Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler accessory will make your sous-vide experience even better.

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The Thermomix® Blade Cover and Peeler works beautifully with slow cook and sous vide recipes in TM5 and TM6. It rests on top of the blades and protects softer ingredients, or sous-vide bags, from coming into contact with the moving blades. If you don't have one yet, buy one on the e-shop today!

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