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Sous-vide Mode 

What is it?

Sous-vide is a precise, gentle method of cooking where food is placed in a water bath, protected by a food-safe, airtight bag, and cooked at a controlled temperature below 85°C.

How does it work?

There are 2 ways of using this mode:

  1. Using the simmering basket. Bags should be placed in the simmering basket ensuring there is space between them for water to circulate.
  2. Using the Blade Cover & Peeler.

Works best for:

  • Home chefs who want to create culinary masterpieces in the comfort of their own home.
  • Organised planners who like to batch cook soups and sauces in advance.
  • Adventurous cooks who like to experiment with different cooking methods.

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Did you know?

The constant movement of the blades gently stirs the water, making sure that all the ingredients cook through evenly at the chosen temperature.

Using Blade Cover & Peeler allows you to sous-vide in the mixing bowl, increasing the number of portions that can be made at once.

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The benefits of cooking with Sous-vide:

  • It cooks the product evenly. Unlike many other cooking methods, Sous-vide mode cooks the food evenly, both at the core and on the surface. This guarantees precise, even cooking with no need to stir constantly.
  • It preserves the nutritional value of the food. By eliminating the loss of liquid from the food, sous-vide cooking keeps the nutritional value of the food intact. The vitamins and proteins deteriorate less when they are not exposed to high temperatures. Many vitamins are also water-soluble, but thanks to this cooking method, they are not lost.
  • It heightens flavour and aroma. The isolation of the ingredients in the sous-vide vacuum-sealed bag makes every dish tastier, preventing the dispersion of liquids. Consequently, less salt and fewer flavourings are required.
  • It’s easy to become a sous-vide pro. It doesn’t take much effort to become sufficiently familiar with the method to create even complex dishes easily. Simply follow the recipe instructions, cooking time and temperature specified, and your Thermomix® TM6 will do the rest.
  • It guarantees tenderness. Traditional cooking uses higher temperatures for a quicker result, but this means that meat, fish and vegetables can end up somewhat tough. Sous-vide cooking, on the other hand, relaxes fibres during cooking so that the results are melt-in the-mouth tender.

Vaccum Sealing

Vacuum sealing food for sous-vide cooking can be done 2 ways. Using a vacuum sealer or the water immersion method:

Fill a bowl or sink with water. Seal the bag, leaving a gap in the seal of approx. 3 cm. Submerge the bag in the water, leaving the open seal above the water. The pressure of the water will expel air from the bag. Seal the bag completely before removing from the water.

Why Sous-vide?

  • Sous-vide cooking saves you time, reduces energy waste and takes the stress out of cooking.
  • Your TM6 will cook recipes perfectly whilst you continue with your daily activities, and whilst the cooking time is longer, using Sous-vide mode will consume less energy than other cooking methods because it works at a lower temperature.
  • Cooking at low temperatures and keeping food vacuum-sealed not only helps on storage space when preparing food in advance, it also means that your weeks meals can be ready in just a few minutes. With todays ultra-busy lifestyle, it’s easy to see how the savings on cost, time and energy can reduce your stress in the kitchen whilst still producing delicious food.

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Step Out of your Comfort Zone

Top Tips:

  • • The juice of half a squeezed lemon or a level teaspoon of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) must be added to the water to protect the mixing bowl from discolouration.
  • • The amount of water needed depends on the volume of the bags. Add enough water to fully submerge the bags, and not higher than the maximum fill level.
  • • Searing meat and poultry after sous-vide cooking will add flavour as well as add to the appearance of the finished dish.
  • • Marinating meat and poultry before cooking will add extra flavour.

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