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Turbo Mode 

What is it?

With Turbo mode, your TM6 operates the mixing knife at maximum speed in short bursts. Turbo mode is ideal for chopping hard ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, cured ham, or chocolate into medium or small pieces.

How does it work?

Turbo mode has pre-set pulse times of 0.5, 1 and 2 seconds which helps give you the necessary control, so that you can gradually chop hard ingredients without turning them to mush.

Works best for:

  • Speedy cooks looking to chop ingredients quickly.
  • Spice lovers who love making their own spice blends to add to their dishes.
  • Lemonade connoisseurs looking to experiment with different flavours.

Did you know?

You can blend your own spices with TM6. With Turbo mode it is super easy to make personalised spice blends to suit every dish.

Grinding Spices

Turbo Recipes

Top Tips:

  • • Use measuring cup to prevent ingredients splashing out of the mixing bowl.
  • • The selected pulse time can be repeated until the ingredient is chopped to your desired size.
  • • You can briefly chop citrus fruit with a splash of water to obtain their juice without getting the bitter flavour from the white pith of the skin. A great solution for homemade lemonade!
  • • The powerful motor and sharp blades of Thermomix® make blending and chopping a breeze.
  • • Turbo mode can be used until the temperature reaches 60°C. The mixing bowl needs to be below this temperature for Turbo mode to work.
  • • The mixing knife in Turbo mode chops at high speeds of up to 10,700 rotations per minute.

Summer Get Together

Turbo mode is the easiest way to make refreshing lemonades for your summer picnics. The perfect excuse to get everyone together to enjoy the sunshine.