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Thicken Mode 

What is it?

Thicken mode produces silky textures and the perfect consistency for all sorts of sauces and creams. In this mode you can thicken sauces such as vanilla pudding, béchamel, and other sauces with eggs, egg yolk, flour, and cornflour. Milk, cream, or baby food may be warmed without burning.

How does it work?

Choose between different temperatures depending on whether egg (80°C) or flour/cornflour (100°C) is used as a thickening agent.

Works best for:

  • Experimenters who love to be precise when trying new recipes.
  • Bakers looking to make their own fillings for cakes and pastries.
  • Busy cooks who want to save time and reduce the time standing over a saucepan stirring.

Experiment with TM6

Thicken mode allows you to try new things, things which you would never have the confidence to make on your own. With Thicken mode, make your own hollandaise, custards and so much more.

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Thicken Mode Recipes

Top Tips:

For starch-thickened recipes, set the temperature to 100ºC. These recipes are thickened using any type of flour, such as wheat flour, cornflour, or potato starch as the thickening agent. Examples include Béchamel Sauce, Soubise Sauce, or Crème Pâtissière.

For egg-thickened recipes, set temperature to 80ºC. These recipes use whole eggs or egg yolks as the thickening agent, and include hot emulsified sauces, desserts and spreads. Try the Hollandaise Sauce, Béarnaise Sauce, Orange Liqueur Zabaglione or Berry Curd.

For some hot emulsified sauces, use the butterfly whisk. The butterfly whisk will incorporate more air into your sauces, creating the perfect egg foam. The whisk is ideal for Classic Zabaglione, Red Pepper and Paprika Hollandaise Sauce or Choron Sauce.

Sauces, Custards and Curds

Make a perfect sauce to serve with your meat, a smooth custard for your dessert or a curd for your tart.