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What is it?

You know all those useful times and speeds listed at the back of your Basic Cookbook? Well, now you have them pre-set on your Thermomix®, ready to save you even more time in the kitchen. The Chop tool is a collection of preset time and speed combinations for a defined list of ingredients and amounts.

How does it work?

The Chop tool is available for manual cooking - simply put the ingredients in the mixing bowl and choose how you want your ingredients chopped!

  1. Select the ingredient from the available list.
  2. Select the amount and how you want it chopped.
  3. Add equal-sized pieces to the mixing bowl to ensure a more even and uniform result.
  4. Turn the selector to the indicated speed.

Works best for:

  • Experimental chefs looking to use Thermomix manual cooking for their own creations.
  • Time conscious looking to chop ingredients quickly and precisely.
  • Money savers looking to prep and save on those everyday chopped ingredients.

Make your Own Creation!

With the help of Chop tool and created recipes, you can now create and make your own recipes on your TM6.

Chopped an onion and it turned into mush? Wanted chocolate powder but the result was chocolate chunks? Using Chop tool and created recipes, you can modify your favourite non-Thermomix® recipes and create your own to follow on Guided Cooking.

Discover created recipes

Explore Chop tool

Top Tips:

  • • Chop tool is great for chopping chocolate to add to your cookies.
  • • Chopping fresh herbs to garnish your soup made so much easier.
  • • Try mincing beef for homemade burgers.
  • • Chopping onions to the perfect size for sautéing.

Simple Ideas

Providing inspiration at any time of day and for any occasion, this collection of recipes is a great place to start your Thermomix® TM6 journey.