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Pre-clean Mode 

What is it?

Pre-clean mode allows you to easily get rid of the toughest of ingredients including dough, caramel and browned food on the base of the mixing bowl and mixing knife.

How does it work?

  • With 5 different settings, Pre-clean mode targets ingredients with thicker, sticker consistencies which tend to be difficult to clean. Add 1000 g water and a little washing up liquid or vinegar then start mode.
  • Pre-clean mode may be integrated into Guided Cooking or you can manually select your choice of clean.

Works best for:

  • Busy individuals looking to streamline the cleaning process.
  • Time savers looking to reduce the effort of manual cleaning.
  • Everyday cooks looking to make cooking fuss free and easy.

Never Worry Again!

Have you ever been put off making homemade caramel due to the difficult clean up?

Well no need to worry. With Pre-clean and selecting caramel, your TM6 will clean itself. Use Sugar stages to make the perfect caramel then finish with Pre-clean.

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Pre-clean Recipes

Top Tips:

  • Achieve better cleaning results by selecting the type of cleaning that is required to tackle the kind of residue in your mixing bowl.

Simply choose between 5 Pre-clean variations:

  • Quick - For a fast overall clean.

  • Dough - For raw flour and other raw doughs.

  • Universal - Cleans at a medium temperature, for rice and many other types of food.

  • Fat or Caramel - Cleans at a high temperature.

  • Browning - Cleans the base of the mixing bowl at an extra-high temperature (in this case, use vinegar).

  • The Browning cleaning variation runs at the highest temperature of all variations, at 105°C. Therefore, only white vinegar (NOT liquid soap of any kind) should be used to avoid excess of foam.

  • Always place the measuring cup in the lid while cleaning.

Love your TM6!

Thermomix TM6 makes your life easy with Pre-clean mode. Explore more recipes made easier with this mode!

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