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Peeler Mode 

What is it?

Peeler mode peels potatoes and other root vegetables in the mixing bowl of your Thermomix®.

How does it work?

Peeler mode must be used with Blade Cover & Peeler. Once the cover has been added over the mixing knife, add your root veggies and 600 g water then set the mode to work.

Works best for:

  • Zero fuss chefs who enjoy easy food preparation.
  • Time savers looking to cut down their time in the kitchen.
  • Potato lovers who love the popular root vegetable but hate the faff of peeling.

Why peel potatoes if you don’t have to?

The new generation Blade Cover & Peeler accessory not only protects food during slow cooking and sous-vide cooking, but now also effortlessly scrubs and peels your potatoes for you.

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Top Tips:

  • • Always add 600 g water and do not use more than 800 g root vegetables at one time. For best results, use vegetables of an even size and thickness.
  • • When you have finished peeling, rinse the peeled vegetables under water to remove the last peel pieces.
  • • To avoid wasting water, collect the peeling and rinsing water and re-use to water plants.
  • • The Peeler mode might not be as efficient with vegetables that have slightly thicker skin such as sweet potatoes.
  • • Some vegetables cannot be peeled using the Blade Cover & Peeler, such as cooked or frozen vegetables, vegetables with a thick skin such as sweet potato, and vegetables with a very thin skin and/or a high water content, such as tomatoes, courgettes or cucumbers.
  • • Dark spots or eyes should be removed by hand before or after peeling.

Blade Cover & Peeler

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