Budget-friendly food

While it can be fun to experiment with new flavours and gourmet dishes, sometimes you just need a quick, budget-friendly dinner. The following recipes are quick to prepare and use low-cost ingredients, with no compromises on flavour.

Pasta and rice

Light veggie meals

Eat the seasons and save money

Planning is key

There are so many benefits to eating seasonally. Firstly, you'll save money. When there's an abundance of produce, the prices go down, so you'll be able to pick up the fruits and vegetables you love for a much better price. Secondly, eating food that has been grown locally is much better for the environment. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, seasonal food not only tastes better, but retains many more nutrients due to being picked when ripe and fully developed. Shop in season, batch cook, and freeze portions to enjoy later. Our weekly meal planner can help you get organised and save money.

More tips and tricks

When you're on a budget, bake it yourself!

Planning your meals will help you stick to a budget, but what about those times when you fancy a treat? Enjoying a hot drink and a cake in a coffee shop can be expensive, so bake it yourself! Sweet or savoury, breads or biscuits, with Thermomix® baking is not only fast and easy, it's also much better for you!

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Sweet bakes

Doughs for every occasion

Cheap and cheerful

Thanks to your Thermomix®, saving money while eating tasty, flavourful meals has never been easier! Despite using affordable ingredients and store-cupboard staples, the recipes in this collection demonstrate that budget-friendly meals can still be delicious.

Our Cheap and Cheerful Collection