Apples and Pears

Now that autumn is here, it's the perfect time of year to while away a few hours in the kitchen preparing dishes that celebrate nature's bounty. Feel inspired by mouthwatering recipes that showcase two seasonal favourites; apples and pears!

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Savoury delights

The global appeal of apple pie

While the origins of apple pie can be traced back to Britain, it continues to be enjoyed around the world in many different variations. They may differ slightly in terms of the dough and blend of spices used, but the traditional recipe remains the same.

A slice of pie

Pear favourites

Our top tips

Storage: apples and pears are best stored in the fridge or in a cool place, where they'll remain fresh for weeks.

Overripe fruit: if you find yourself with a surplus of overripe fruit, try juicing the apples or making a pear smoothie. Don't forget to use the entire fruit; your Thermomix® will easily blend it, core and all! You could also dice your fruit and use it in a delicious fruit crumble.

Save for later: peel, cut, core and freeze your excess apples and pears, and you'll have a supply of fruit to make your autumn favourites all year long! If you'd prefer not to freeze them, try making a quick fruit compote to enjoy over the coming days.

Know your varieties: opt for crisp varieties of apples and pears if you're baking, as they keep their shape and brown nicely on top.

Using apple sauce: for a lighter dessert, replace some of the butter or oil in your recipe with some homemade apple sauce.

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