A fresh start after the holidays

With the end of the holiday season, so too comes the end of over-indulging. The New Year brings with it a new start, so lets begin as we mean to go on!

The easiest way to up your intake of fruit and vegetables? Smoothies and juices!

Smoothies are a fantastic way of increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re following a Cookidoo® recipe or experimenting with your own blends, read on to find out how to whip up these nutritional powerhouses in your own kitchen!

Inspiring salads packed with nutrients

Smooth or chunky, meat or vegetarian - the possibilities with soup are endless

5 Super Healthy Vegetables

Kale • Broccoli • Carrots • Spinach • Peas

These nutrient-rich power houses need a place in every household. Hugely versatile, there are so many ways to include them in your diet - both sweet and savoury. Browse our recipe treasure to get you started.

Food trends

Losing weight is never easy and it’s all too tempting to try the latest fad diet or exercise craze. However, food trends come and go and the reality is that there isn't one miracle way to lose weight. Instead, it’s more a combination of behaviours and attitudes; eating a varied and healthy diet, being mindful of portion sizes and exercising regularly will all be good starting points.

Some of the current diets such as keto, low carb, paleo or raw food gain a lot of interest in today’s world, with some supporters saying they have achieved astonishing results. While everyone is different, there isn’t one diet that fits all, but we know that whichever one you choose to follow, Thermomix® can support you.

Here are some fantastic low carb recipes that we hope will provide you with some inspiration – both sweet and savoury - without compromising on taste. Try something you haven’t before, and who knows, they may surprise you!

Low carb savoury alternatives

Low carb sweet alternatives

Thermomix® workout challenge

While the Thermomix® is working, so can you! Mixing = 5 squats • Heating = 10 sit-ups • Blending = 20 jumping jacks

Good resolutions

Moderation and balance is the Key

Finding a well-balanced diet that you enjoy and that suits your goal might seem like a challenge, but it really doesn't need to be. While only you can answer what's right for you, we can help steer you in the right direction by giving you ideas and suggestions. Whether its a selection of meat or fish dishes, or some creative ways to eat a vegetarian or vegan meal, there's a whole host of recipe inspiration to suit all tastes.

Nutritious fish dishes

Nutritious meat dishes

Nutritious vegetarian dishes

More tasty recipes to help you get in shape

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