Fresh and easy smoothies with Thermomix®

Thanks to your Thermomix®, you’re always just moments away from enjoying a tall, cold glass of your favourite smoothie recipe. We’ve got smoothies for every occasion; from cleansing detox varieties to invigorate you in the mornings, to post-workout smoothies to help your body recover. Whatever you’re in the mood for, simply choose your favourite recipe on Cookidoo® and get started.

Power-packed recipes

One of the most important things to remember when making smoothies is that they can be packed with sugar if there’s too much fruit in them. The great thing about your Thermomix® is that you’ll know exactly what goes into your homemade versions, which means you can carefully control the amount of sugar in them.

Smoothies are made up of a few different elements. Picking a combination of these will ensure they’re packed with flavour while remaining healthy and nutritious. Try starting with a liquid base of water, coconut water, nut milk, green tea or kombucha. Add a generous amount of greens such as kale, spinach, Swiss chard, parsley or mint; leafy green vegetables are great for boosting digestion. If you’d prefer a sweeter flavour, you can add a little extra fruit.

Hemp, chia and flax seeds add texture and are fantastic sources of vitamins and minerals. You can then add fruit of your choice; bananas, berries, or apples are all delicious! For more targeted nutritional benefits, add turmeric or cinnamon to reduce inflammation, or ginger to improve circulation. Finish off with a few cubes of ice if you prefer a cooler drink.

If you’re just starting out with smoothies and you’d like to keep things simple, focus on an easy recipe with bananas, pineapple, melon and greens. If you like things peppery yet sweet, rocket and watercress mixed with strawberries, dates and coconut will hit the spot.

While some people like a fresh-pressed juice, blending or emulsifying your produce ensures that the fibre content remains high. And, for a super high-protein recipe, add tofu or Greek yoghurt, nuts, seeds or oats to the mix.

Plan for daily smoothie success

In order to make daily smoothies as stress-free as possible, it’s helpful to get prepared ahead of time. Browse Cookidoo® for smoothie recipes and add your favourites to My Week, then buy the fruit in one go and have one big prep session, cutting fresh fruit into small pieces, arranging on baking trays and freezing. Once frozen, transfer to freezer bags or containers in individual portions and return to the freezer. Now you’ve got daily smoothie ingredients prepared and ready to go, meaning all you need to do is grab a bag out of the freezer and start blending!

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