Culinary Journey Through Spain

A country known for its history, its culture and its impressive landscapes but, above all, for its passion for food and upholding its culinary traditions. Join us on a journey through one of the world's most renowned cuisines.

The Classics

5 Great Things About Spanish Cuisine

1. Extra virgin olive oil
Also called liquid gold, olive oil is the basis of most Spanish dishes. It is rich in monounsaturated fats, which are beneficial for overall health - the cardiovascular system in particular!

2. Markets and seasonal ingredients
One of the gastronomic traditions in Spain is to do your food shopping on a weekly basis. This ensures people can cook with the very best produce found at markets like fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, high quality meats, and freshly caught fish. Using fresh and seasonal ingredients gives Spanish cuisine a boost in flavour and quality.

3. Delicious wines
Spain is famous for its wine and currently has a total of 70 Designations of Origin (D.O.) dedicated exclusively to this product. The ideal climate and terrain has resulted in a great variety of premium wines.

4. The famous tapas
Oh, tapas! These culinary delights, served in small portions, are found in most Spanish bars, and are a true Spanish cultural experience. With Cookidoo®, why not try making tapas in the comfort of your own home?

5. Irresistible cheeses
A wide variety of cheeses are produced in Spain, from fresh to cured, and from cow, to sheep and goat's cheese. In total there are 26 unique cheeses with D.O. in Spain.

Delectable Mains

Don't Forget the Tapas!

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Meet Francisco

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