Rice Around the World

Rice holds a global staple status, prominently featured in cherished dishes worldwide. Read on to learn more and explore its versatility through recipe inspiration like Indian biryani and Italian risotto, easily prepared in your Thermomix®.

Famous global dishes and their rice varieties

Curry, biryani and pilaf | Basmati rice: Aromatic and long-grain, Basmati rice is widely used in Indian cuisine.

Thai specialities | Jasmine rice: Noted for its an incomparable flavour and a slightly harder consistency than Basmati rice.

Paella | Bomba or round-grain rice: This type of short-grain rice can absorb a lot of liquid without becoming sticky.

Risotto | Arborio or Carnaroli rice: Of Italian origin, this type of short-grain, starchy rice is famous for its creamy texture.

Sushi | Sushi rice: With plenty of starch, it has a sticky texture, perfect for creating sushi rolls, nigiri, and temaki.

Rice dishes from here and there

Short-grain or long-grain?

When cooking, it's important to check which type of rice is best for each recipe. Essentially, there are two categories: short-grain, which can be highly gummy or less, and ideal for sushi, risotto, and brothy recipes; and long-grain, which generally maintains a looser texture, and are ideal for accompanying other dishes, salads, pilaf, or oven rice.

Classic Italian risotto

Rice for breakfast

In some cultures, rice is such a staple of the diet that it is part of breakfast, too! In China there is congee, a rice porridge, which can be sweet with dried fruit, or savoury with chicken or vegetables. Kedgeree is a British recipe based on rice and smoked fish, which dates back to colonial India and is traditionally served for breakfast. In Costa Rica, rice for breakfast is the norm with gallo de pinto, which is a mixture of rice, beans and various spices, accompanied by eggs and other toppings.

Asian comfort food

How to cook rice to perfection?

Cooking rice just right can sometimes be a challenge, as it needs to hit that sweet spot of not being too sticky or undercooked. With Thermomix®, you can control the precision of cooking so that the result is exactly as you like it. Have you given the Rice mode a shot? It's really straightforward, and it nails the cooking of various rice types and grains every single time.

Rice Cooker Mode

Sushi specials

Did you know…

Horchata is a non-alcoholic Mexican drink made from rice and flavoured with cinnamon. The Mayans and Aztecs considered it as the "Drink of the Gods". You can make this or other vegetable drinks based on rice at home with the help of Thermomix®

One glass of Horchata, please!

Rice sweet rice!

Symbolism and curiosities about rice

Rice is associated with luck, happiness, fertility and long life. In many cultures, it is a regular presence at weddings, through the rain of rice thrown at the bride and groom. There is an Indian proverb that says "rice grains should be like two brothers: close but not stuck together". Did you know that several food products are made from rice? Rice vinegar, rice flour, puffed rice, rice 'paper' and rice noodles. In Laos and other Asian countries, glutinous rice is roasted raw and then ground into a powder. It is often used in salads, giving them a distinctive flavour. In many parts of the world, rice is so deep-rooted that it is seen not only as food but also as part of one's cultural identity.