Everyday Cooking: June

Wondering what to make for dinner? We're here to help! There are so many recipes on Cookidoo® that will solve the midweek meal dilemma. Simple and delicious, these are dinners you'll want to come home to!

Dinners that are quick to prep

Tip of the Month

Planning ahead for leftovers makes midweek meals even easier. Try preparing twice the amount of rice you need, cool it down quickly, then refrigerate for tomorrow's dinner. To reheat the rice, simply steam in Varoma®. For more clever tips, check out our article all about leftovers.

Plan for leftovers

Family recipes for summer


Ingredient of the Month: June

Courgettes are at their best from June to October. Incredibly versatile, courgettes can be eaten raw or cooked, and prepared in many different ways. Try in a chopped vegetable salad, as part of a light pasta dish or risotto, or simply steamed with a little salt and pepper. When choosing courgettes, go for smaller, younger varieties which have more flavour than their larger counterparts, and opt for courgettes that are shiny and plump, and heavy for their size.

Flavourful courgette recipes

Family-friendly dishes

Thermomix® is your extra pair of hands in the kitchen

Midweek dinners can often be a rush. Thanks to Thermomix®, you can at least get ahead on the cleaning up! Fill the mixing bowl with water and let it sit, then when you've finished dinner, you'll find the soaked food residue washes off easily.

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