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Love cooking and want to make your daily meals more exciting? Read on to discover how to maximise your Thermomix® with Cookidoo® to channel your inner chef and elevate your cooking from basic to brilliant!

Cookidoo®: Unleash Culinary Wow with New Experiences

With Cookidoo®, you can discover new culinary possibilities! Choose from over 80.000 recipes, plan your meals with a personalised shopping list, sort, organise, and scale recipes, and even create your own. Use one of the many filters to find a wow recipe: filter by time, difficulty, or even by your preferred ingredient. If you have veggies that are about to go bad, simply let the search engine know and discover a wealth of recipes that make use of leftovers. With Guided Cooking and on-screen step-by-step instructions, it's like having your own personal chef, ensuring success in the kitchen regardless of your cooking experience.

Fancy Pasta?

Busy Night – Meals in 15 Minutes or Less

Three Ways to Add Excitement to Your Daily Meals

Sure, those tried-and-true recipes that you’ve got on rotation are great. But sometimes, you crave some new flavours and need a little inspiration. With over 80,000 recipes at your fingertips on Cookidoo®, you can revitalise your kitchen routine with these three tips:

1. Search for recipes based on ingredient staples you already have in the kitchen, or on ingredients you love, but want to experience in a new dish. This is a perfect way to get creative and minimise food waste.

2. Make your own basics. Ever thought about making your own cheese, yoghurt, peanut butter, or almond milk? Cookidoo® Guided Cooking will show you step-by-step how to do just that!

3. Try dishes from different cuisines and culinary traditions. Guided Cooking removes the uncertainties of trying out new recipes. Now you can try recipes you wouldn’t think of cooking without the Thermomix®, success-guaranteed!

Make Your Own Basics

Food From Around the World

There’s Definitely a Chef in You

Food is more than just sustenance; it's a way of life! It's a universal language that brings people together and creates unforgettable experiences. And what better way to elevate your food game than by channelling your inner chef and making the cooking process just as enjoyable as the actual eating? If you're passionate about cooking and want to up your skills, check out these tips in the article below!

Channel Your Inner Chef

For the Vegetarian Chef

Family Chef: Weekend Dinners

How About a Culinary Adventure to India?

Turn the daily into the delicious by making the most out of your Thermomix® with Cookidoo®. Grab an apron and get to your cooking adventure!

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