Get Ready to Channel Your Inner Chef

What makes a good cook? Many would argue that having a genuine passion for cooking and a love for exploring, testing, and inventing new recipes is the key to becoming a skilled chef in your own kitchen.

By using Thermomix® and Cookidoo®, you're already off to a great start towards channelling your inner chef! Guided Cooking guarantees stress-free and wow results with its on-screen instructions and videos that guide you through the recipes.

Add a wow factor to your dishes with these next-level tips and techniques!

1. Plan Ahead
Planning ahead makes the actual cooking stress-free and enjoyable. It helps tremendously when you have all of your ingredients at hand and a list of what needs to be done first so that you can prioritise. This way, you can focus on the actual food instead of thinking about timing.

2. Mise en place
This is a French culinary term often heard in restaurant kitchens, but it definitely belongs in your kitchen as well. It means ‘Everything in its place’ and refers to the action of preparation before you start your recipe. By gathering all of the ingredients and tools needed and pre-measuring them just ahead of time, you will streamline your cooking process and set yourself up for success!

3. Haste Wisely, Pause Timely
Use time-saving tactics when possible, but take your time when needed. The more you cook, the more you will come to appreciate time-saving tactics like batch prepping and batch cooking. Be that as it may, allow yourself the time needed. This will immensely improve the flavour of your dish.

4. Always Test Your Seasoning
While Cookidoo® recipes are tried and tested, and the instructions will always be very thorough, we all have our own preferences. So spice up your dishes as much - or as little - as suits you!

5. Ingredients Matter
When you start with high-quality ingredients, you'll end up with a better-tasting dish. Choosing seasonal produce is a great way to ensure that your ingredients are at their peak freshness and flavour. Not only do seasonal fruits and vegetables have more colour and nutrition, but they're often also more cost-effective.