Camping with Kids

Whether you want to bring Thermomix® along, or prep with Thermomix® in advance – check out our Thermomix® camping survival guide to help you simplify your camping experience for stress-free memories in the great outdoors!

Some of the greatest dishes can prepared with just a few basic ingredients. With these basics, you’ll be prepared for delicious dishes on the go:

Spices: Salt, pepper, sugar, and a few dried herbs like parsley add flavour.
Vinegar, oil, mustard and ketchup: great for spicing up salads and grilled food.
Onions and garlic: the all-rounders in the kitchen. They give that perfect aroma to many dishes.
Tomato purée and sun-dried tomatoes: An absolute must for tomato sauces and soups.

Tip: When packed in small screw-top jars, your basics will hardly take up any space!

Camping in Style

Change your kitchen backdrop! When travelling in motorhomes, campervans, RVs or even when renting a cottage, bring your Thermomix® along to help you prepare easy, tasty, and healthy meals in the most picturesque locations!

One pot dishes you can whip up from scratch

Great reasons to bring your Thermomix® camping:

• Save time – instead of spending your time chopping veggies or stirring risotto, you can make the most of the great outdoors.

• Easy cleanup – no need to wash up a pile of pots and pans! One mixing bowl, one mess!

• Save space – everyone is tight for space when it comes to camping! Leave all your crockery at home and simply depend on your Thermomix® for every meal! Call it the one pot challenge!

Easy dishes your kids will love

Tips for Travelling with Thermomix®

• All you need to be able to use your Thermomix® while camping or caravanning is access to power. To cook your favourite recipes on Cookidoo® without a WI-FI connection, simply save the recipes to your Collections or Bookmarks before heading out! Or download the Cookidoo® app and follow the recipe steps from your phone.

• To help with transportation, go to the settings screen on your Thermomix®, and put your device in Transportation Mode before setting off.

• Check out our travel bag, ideal to help you carry your Thermomix® and Thermomix® accessories on your summer adventures.

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Start the day right

Kids are ready for breakfast from the minute they wake up, so start your day off with staples that don’t require any cooking or heat source but have enough protein and fibre to fuel the brain and body for an afternoon of activities.

Breakfasts to prepare in advance and pack in your luggage

Lots of flavour on the go

Lunchtime sandwiches, wraps, and utensil-free snacks are the perfect way to keep your family satisfied without the stress and they can be transported effortlessly so you can grab them on the go whenever hunger strikes.

Picnic lunch ideas

Back to Nature

Half the fun of camping is prepping for your trip with your trusty Thermomix®. By planning quick and easy meals in advance, you can focus on fun family adventures and relaxation in the great outdoors.

Warm it up and ready to eat

When it comes to campfire cooking, aluminum foil is your friend. Pack individual servings into foil packets and all you’ll need to do at dinner time is warm it over a campfire. Clay pots and cast-iron pans for comfort foods like chillis, curries, and stews are also simple solutions for reheating hearty meals in the wilderness.

Perfect meals warmed over an open fire

Don’t skip the sweets

You can still enjoy dessert in the wild with pre-made bites directly from your backpack that are sure to bring your meal to a happy conclusion.

Sweets under the stars