The best gifts are made by you

Thermomix® it yourself! Every day is a good day to give a gift. There are dozens of recipes that can be made by you, from scratch, with the help of Thermomix®. Whether it's a gift to enjoy at home or to offer to family, friends or neighbours, check out our original and delicious ideas.

Treats for grandparents to enjoy with tea

Homemade labels

Make your own labels to identify and personalise your gifts or even to use in the pantry. Start personalising with an extra special touch!

Print labels here

Flavourful snacks for friends

Make fun gifts with the help of your little ones

Treat the neighbours

Why not surprise your neighbours on Sunday morning with something delicious made by you and your children? You can wrap it in paper, fabric, or put it in a pretty cardboard box and accompany it with a special message. How about “From neighbour to neighbour. Bon appetit!”? Just make sure to sanitise all packaging and contents inside of your gift, however you choose to wrap it.

A surprise to leave on your neighbour's doorstep

A treat for a favourite school teacher