Everyday Autumn

Autumn’s rich bounty is perfect for warming bowls of comfort food. As the days get chillier, retreating to a cosy kitchen to create deliciously satisfying Cookidoo® recipes sounds more appetising than ever. Warm up chilly hands with a welcoming mug of soup, enjoy a bubbling, googey crumble, or take refuge in a hearty, healthy hotpot.

Seasonal appetisers

Satisfying Soups

Celebrating Root Vegetables

From carrots to celeriac, parsnips to potatoes, butternut squash to beetroot, artichokes to turnips: root vegetables boast a host of flavours and colours that transform them into the sweet and savoury stars of any seasonal dish. Roasted, boiled, blended, stir-fried, puréed, curried, grated and even juiced, these vitamin-packed, versatile veggies complement comforting earthy autumnal dishes perfectly.

Making the most of root vegetables

Heart-warming stews

Comforting quick dishes

Easy fall desserts

Make the most of the mellow Autumn season with our collection of flavourful autumnal recipes.

Autumnal Delights