Homemade birthday parties for kids

Childhood birthday parties are big events for the little ones and their families. Find out some great tips to prepare amazing parties for kids!

3, 2, 1… Throw an amazing party in a flash with Thermomix®!

From savoury snacks to sweet treats, not forgetting, of course, the birthday cake, the Thermomix® makes party preparation very easy, fast and often more economical than store-bought options. In addition, making some recipes, and even the birthday cake, with the kids is a fun experience that can become a family ritual.

For an extra dose of efficiency in the kitchen, combine the advantages of Thermomix® with its accessories, modes and Cookidoo® features:

• Have two mixing bowls and use them alternately, one for sweet and one for savory dishes.
• If you have a Thermomix® Friend, you can cook different or complementary recipes in parallel, maximizing time.
• Surprise with the modes: from Sugar stages, that allow you to make caramel, to the whipping and emulsifying functions, that can create wonderful cakes and creams in an instant.
• Take advantage of Cookidoo® features - shopping lists and menus - to organize your party.
• Use the scaling function to adjust quantities if needed. Find out more here

Finger Food

Tea Party Table

5 steps for successful parties

Choose the theme of the party with the little ones. They have plenty of imagination! A hobby they like can be a good starting point: video games, making bracelets, horse riding… Then, of course, superheroes or favourite toys (cars, princesses, animals…) are classic party themes that never disappoint. The important thing is that the child can participate in the choice!

1. Set the time and date. Make sure best friends can be present.

2. Decide on the space and adapt the preparation depending on whether it is indoors or outdoors.

3. Make the guest list and send out the invitations. Remember to adjust the available space to the number of guests.

4. Prepare the party menu in Cookidoo® and create a shopping list.

5. Start the preparation in advance (decoration of the space, gift bags for the guests, cold desserts…)

Street Food Caravan

For the perfect birthday cake

Thermomix® makes cakes with mastery. Just add the ingredients in the right quantities and set the oven to the ideal temperature - success is guaranteed. In addition to the cake itself, Thermomix® allows you to easily make various creams, toppings and fillings for cakes. TIP: To test whether the cake is fully set, insert a toothpick into the center of the cake - if it comes out clean, it's ready!

DIY Pastry Basics

“Read” your cakes like a pro

Learn the cake's external signs after baking:

The cake that cracks on top - it means the cake was placed in the oven in a very high position or it was too hot. The cake that "sinks" - you probably opened the oven door too early. The cake that didn't rise - can happen for many reasons: forgetting the yeast, oven not hot enough, batter too whipped... etc.

Lollipop Cake

Lollipop Cake

Vanilla Sponge Layer Cake

Vanilla Sponge Layer Cake

Ombre Cake

Ombre Cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Ultimate Chocolate Cake

Chocolate & Caramel Corner

Craving more cake recipes?

More cake, please!