Celebrating mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and wives!

We show our mums how much we appreciate them with breakfast in bed, restaurant lunches, flowers, cards, and chocolates. Around the world however, Mother’s Day celebrations can look a little different!

Surprise Mum with beautiful treats that have a floral twist


Mother’s Day, or Dia Das Mães, is a big deal in Brazil. In fact, it’s considered the second biggest holiday after Christmas! Taking place in May each year, the day consists of a huge multi-generational celebration involving mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters. With Brazil well known for its colourful carnivals and parties, a big family barbecue is a popular way to mark this special day! Grilled meats, vibrant salads, vegetables, rice, and beans are all likely to be served at a Brazilian Mother’s Day barbecue, with Brigadeiro (Brazilian Fudge Balls) for dessert.

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The origins of Mother’s Day celebrations in Sweden date back to 1919, when the writer Cecilia Bååth-Holmberg took the initiative to propose an annual day celebrating mothers. Her proposal was successful, and a brochure was released sharing guidance on how to celebrate the special day, known as Mors Dag. Suggestions were aimed at children and husbands and included greeting mother in the morning with a song, taking on all household chores to give mother a rest, and holding a small ceremony in the evening to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’.

Rustle up a Scandinavian feast

Heart shaped treats

Przysmaki od serca

Can’t decide what to give Mum for Mother’s Day this year? When in doubt, wear your heart on your sleeve! Heart-shaped food is a great way to show someone you love them!

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Mother’s Day in Thailand is an incredibly special occasion with a fascinating history:

• Starting in 1950, Mother’s Day was celebrated in Thailand on the 15th of April. In 1976 however, it moved to the 12th of August to commemorate the birthday of Queen Sirikit, the Queen Mother of Thailand.
• Mother’s Day is a national holiday in Thailand. To celebrate, people adorn their houses and places of work with colourful lights, decorations, and portraits of the Queen Mother.
• Another important element of Mother’s Day is giving thanks to the country’s Buddhist monks. Ceremonies are held at the start of the day and locals give offerings of food and other small gifts.
• A traditional gift is jasmine - a beautiful flower that is seen as a symbol of purity and gentleness and is associated with motherhood.

Tasty treats for a Thai Mother’s Day celebration

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