Starting the school year with energy

With the return to school looming, it's time to think about the best lunches and snacks for your children to take with them to keep them energised and focused all day long.

Power through the day

Cookies & Co.

A daily snack

Instead of shop-bought biscuits, muffins and cereal bars packed with artificial sugars and preservatives, why not try making your own? It's as easy as 1, 2, 3 with your Thermomix™! Plus, it is also often more affordable to buy ingredients in bulk to make your own delicious versions of these snacks to fill lunchboxes and ever-hungry tummies.

Delicious and nutritious sandwich fillings and breads

Delicious and nutritious drinks

After school snacks

Meal planning

Organise the back to school season with the help of Cookidoo®. Plan your snacks and meals ahead of time to ensure stress-free morning routines and a healthy family. Get inspired with tips in our planning article.

Plan your way back to school!