5 Ingredients

For some people, getting home-cooked food on the table every day doesn't sound that difficult to do. For others, it can be daunting, but with 5 Ingredients, we really are making it as easy and delicious as possible.

5 Ingredients

The newest Thermomix® cookbook

Discover 70 delicious recipes all using five ingredients or less! Budget-friendly, fresh flavours and flexibility, discover our new collection of recipes and learn tips and tricks to make the most out of your ingredients.

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Breakfast and Brunch


Cooking with only five ingredients will cost less than a recipe that requires ten or even fifteen, for example.

What's more we have avoided specialist ingredients which can be expensive and opted for more commonly used ones, meaning any ingredients that are not finished can be used in other recipes. Using frozen mussel meat in our One-pot Tomato and Garlic Pasta with Mussels is a great budget-friendly seafood option.



Make Your Own

  • It's always useful to have an arsenal of versatile basics that can be used to jazz up any dish, such as flavoured breadcrumbs, oils and syrups.

  • Homemade spice and herb mixes are great to have in the cupboard. Use them to flavour meats before roasting, cooking on the BBQ or cooking sous-vide.

  • Whilst there are many shop-bought options, with Thermomix®, making your own means that you can adjust the seasoning to your taste and you know exactly what has gone into it - no nasties, no additives, just good-quality ingredients packed full of flavour.

Eating Seasonally

When recipes only have a handful of ingredients, it's more important than ever to use good quality ingredients that are in season.

Using fruit or vegetables as the main star of a dish when they are not in season can mean that the flavours don't shine through as they should. Why not try dishes with asparagus in spring, strawberries in summer, broccoli in autumn and leeks in winter?