Free From…

Gluten, dairy, eggs and refined added sugar. Discover Free From, our latest cookbook that allows you to cook for everyone, regardless of their eating habits or dietary restrictions. From gluten-free bread or pasta to eggless crème brûlée or dairy-free mousse, find classic dishes reinvented just for you!

Free From

The newest Thermomix® cookbook

Discover more than 70 delicious recipes curated with four ‘free-from’s’ in mind: gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and free from refined added sugar. Explore our unique collection of inclusive and inviting free-from recipes and tips.

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Glorious gluten-free alternatives

Free-from added sugar, but not flavour!

Did you know?

Anything over 22.5 g of total sugar per 100 g is considered "high" sugar; less than 5 g is considered "low" sugar.

Dairy-free delights

Elegant recipes served egg-free

Staying safe

If you or people you are cooking for have allergies, a second Thermomix® mixing bowl is useful to avoid cross-contact with allergens!

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Free from all: gluten, dairy, and eggs!

Common free-from substitutes:

Milk: prepare homemade plant-based drinks like almond, soy, oat, or coconut milk.
Butter and cream: try making vegan nut spreads (like almond butter) or substitute with olive oil, solid coconut oil or full-fat coconut cream.
Cheese and yoghurt: some alternatives include vegan cheeses, nutritional yeast (similar in taste to Parmesan), and vegan yoghurt. Try preparing your own coconut yoghurt or vegan cheeses with Thermomix®!
Eggs: common substitutes include aquafaba (similar consistency to whisked egg whites but made with chickpea water), apple sauce, mashed banana, or chia seeds.
Gluten: homemade gluten-free flour blends, white rice flour, homemade gluten-free pasta and home-baked goods.
Sugar: substitute with honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, or agave nectar.

Instead of buying pre-packaged store-bought ingredients at the supermarket, prepare homemade basics with your Thermomix®!

Free From

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