Comfort Food

When its cold outside, what's better than staying at home and cooking up a feast? Enjoy a hearty meal, before relaxing on the sofa with a cosy blanket and a warming hot drink.

Stews and soups

Creamy, hearty, delicious

Oh it's cold outside!

Stay warm during the colder months by wrapping up in comfy jumpers, thick coats and wooly hats and scarves. At a time of year when colds and flu are rife, make sure you boost your immunity by eating even more vitamin-rich foods.

Immune Booster

Drinks to warm up

Chocolate dream

Homely bakes

Tastes of home

What's better than the flavours of our childhood? Whether its your Granny's tea loaf or your Uncle's pie, cooking family favourites can evoke fond memories of years gone by. Recreate the tastes of British classics by trying some recipes from our first national cookbook "The British Isles on a Plate".

Best of British

Cheesy bakes

Make it comforting

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