Spring is here

The nicer weather is here, so let's switch up our heavy winter stews for some lighter options. We can make use of the variety of seasonal fruits and veggies for a colourful, healthy, and tasty diet.

Discover all the Secrets of Spring Cooking

Find out which fruits and vegetables are currently in season, explore the healthiest fish options, and learn about the leanest cuts of meat. Keep reading to uncover the secrets of spring cooking – a delightful combination of lightness and flavour.

Fruit and Vegetables

As the first fruits and veggies of the season start to ripen in the orchards, we can enjoy strawberries, apricots, plums, artichokes, white asparagus, spinach, and peas. It's the right time to add some colour, flavour, and vitamins to our pantry at the best prices.

Take Advantage of Spring Fruits

It's Time for Fresh Vegetables

Sustainability is Always in Season!

Discover in our collection "Go Green, Feel Good" how to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. With its many recipes, it's full of ideas that will inspire you to cook and take care of yourself, and your loved ones will benefit too!

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Pantry essentials for a light and natural diet.

Beetroot: Easy on the stomach, rich in iron, and great for maintaining a healthy and youthful heart. Strawberries: Mostly water, packed with vitamin C, and low in calories. Oily fish: Loaded with Omega 3, a healthy acid that supports cardiovascular health and combats allergies. Eggs: A protein-packed pantry essential. Lean meats: Turkey, easy to digest, low in fat, and cholesterol. Sprouts: An outstanding source of minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Curious about growing them at home? Check out our article for all the details!

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