Food Trends in 2022

After a challenging couple of years, keeping an eye on nutrition and finding positive outlets in your routine will be increasingly important for maintaining healthy habits. Let Thermomix® help you discover recipes that bring you comfort and excitement to your tastebuds in these ever-changing times.

Mindful Cooking

The concept of mindful eating has risen to the forefront, taking the time to slow down and savour your meals and be fully present with the people around you. From showing off your newly acquired cooking skills to indulging in life’s culinary pleasures, gathering together with family and friends over shared food experiences is vital for our mental health and well-being. Cooking, baking, and mixing up drinks at home can provide relaxation and welcome breaks from stress while creating multi-sensory experiences.

Start your day off right with a hassle-free morning

Set the tone for your day with simple recipes that are both packed with nutritious ingredients and pleasing to your palate.

Find your happy place

Food makes people happy and helps manage emotional health to improve your mood. Brightly coloured dishes with different textures and aromas delight and satisfy while making your home a warm and inviting safe haven.

Create special occasions

You don’t need a reason to whip up an extravagant meal. Decadent flavours breathe new life into the mundane, giving you more opportunities to cherish special moments – and tastes! – with the ones you love.

Seek out new adventures

With uncertainty around travel, you can take your guests on a world tour without getting on a plane. Explore new cultures by creating authentic cuisines in the comfort of your kitchen that will enhance your culinary journey.

Whether it’s a casual get-together or an epic feast, finding reasons to celebrate will enrich our lives and enliven our senses for a bright year ahead.

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