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Let kids create a back-to-school menu

Encourage kids to get involved in preparing for back-to-school by giving them the opportunity to create their own menu. Kids enjoy being part of the decision-making process, and it becomes even more exciting for them when they can easily do so through an app or website. Introduce them to the features of Cookidoo and let them choose from the following options:

• Have them create a weekly plan in "My Week". They can decide on recipes for lunch, snacks, or dinner and organize their meal plan accordingly.
• Let them create a personalized collection under "My Recipes" with their name, such as "David's Back-to-School Favourites."
• Allow them to make a "back-to-school shopping list" to ensure they have everything they need for the upcoming school days using the shopping list feature.

Make ahead with Thermomix

Yoghurts: Prepare a batch to last the entire week.
Pancakes or waffles: Make a batch and freeze them for later.
Bread, muffins, and biscuits: Bake a fresh supply for the week.
Granola and energy bars: Whip up homemade versions for healthy snacks.
Alternative milk drinks: Try almond, soya, hazelnut, or other plant-based options.

Quick & easy breakfasts

Smart tip for smoother mornings

Have a breakfast tray at hand with jars of all kinds of toppings and seasoning for yogurts and pancakes, such as walnuts, pumpkin seeds, honey, jam, cinnamon, and granola. This small detail will save you a lot of time in the morning!

Kid-friendly food ideas

Some simple ideas make kids happy and are healthy options. Just use a fun or colourful element and that’s pretty much it!

• Fruit skewers (grapes, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple - with a gummy bear popped onto the end for extra fun!)
• Quail eggs
• Cucumber sticks with hummus
• Wraps with ham and cheese
• Pancake sandwich with peanut butter or hazelnut spread

Best lunchbox on the playground

After school snacks

Weekly vegetable challenge

How about challenging your kids to try a new vegetable each week?

Choose a day in the week, make it the "New Vegetable Challenge Day," and turn it into an exciting adventure! This might help them to be more open and flexible when it comes to trying new flavours. Plus, it adds a playful element to mealtimes and can even be a rewarding experience. Will they conquer the challenge and emerge victorious? Let the vegetable exploration games begin!

"New Vegetable Challenge Day" inspiration

Make the most of your Thermomix® cooking levels

After a long day, do you sometimes wish you could snap your fingers and make a complete meal appear on the table?

With Thermomix's multiple levels - the mixing bowl, simmering basket, Varoma, and Varoma Tray - you can prepare soup, main dishes, and side dishes simultaneously. Meanwhile, you can take a bath, help your kids with homework, relax on the sofa, or do whatever else your heart desires!

“All-in-one” Dinner

Muffins & Cookies Sunday mornings