Everyday Summer

Summer – the blissful season of sun-kissed skin, endless relaxation and warm days. Fresh air, fresh-cut grass and flavoursome food eaten al fresco with the people we love. Crisp greens, sweet berries, ice cream sundaes. Celebrate the hazy days of summer with great food in the even greater outdoors with Cookidoo®.

Fun in the sun aperitifs

Picnic-perfect appetisers

Summer get-togethers

Make the most of a summer spent with family and friends with picnics, potlucks and impromptu patio suppers. Pitchers of ice-cold drinks, plates piled high with tasty treats, perfect puddings to tempt the palate. When temperatures are soaring, celebrate summer with an outdoor get-together. Serve up some luscious salads, flavourful finger foods, easy no-cook suppers, and fruity desserts as part of your menu. And remember, nothing beats a brilliant barbecue.

Tips to celebrate summer

Sunshine salads

Dog day desserts

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