Easter with Kids

This Easter, keep the kids entertained in the kitchen. Let the creativity flow and create truly original Easter cookies, cakes, eggs and more.

Delicious Easter Doughs

The Season of Eggs

Hey Little Artists!

Let’s Make Some Egg-cellent Art!

Decorating Easter eggs is a fun and creative activity for parents and children alike! Learn how to naturally dye eggs with Thermomix® TM6, and discover some great tips for decorating eggs.

Egg art this way

Fun Activity Alert!

Ingredient Hunt

This Easter, why not try something new? In addition to an Easter egg hunt, get the kids involved in an ingredient hunt. Hide the ingredients for a fun Easter recipe around the house. Tell the kids to hunt for the ingredients and bring them to the kitchen. When the hunt is over, see if the kids can guess what recipe can be made with the ingredients they found. Then… get cooking!

Fun Finger Food

It’s Raining Chocolate

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