Cookidoo® Kids

Welcome, little chefs! Your journey starts here. Pick a delicious recipe, follow along, and become a chef for the day!

I want to be a chef

The fun starts here! Like learning to play your favorite game, cooking has steps you need to follow so your meal comes out perfectly. If you want to be a chef for a day, complete all the 8 tasks in the checklist. And the final step is super important - don't forget to download your very own Cookidoo® Kids diploma at the bottom of this page! To get started…
Download checklist here

Ready, Set… Prep!

Before you begin, always be sure to do your prep so you have everything you need. Choose your favourite ingredient, search for a recipe on Cookidoo®, and look in your kitchen for everything you’ll need. Missing something? If so, ask your parents to go shopping. Or, join them so you can find the ingredients yourself!

Make Friends with Your Food

Now, We’re Cooking!

Got all your ingredients ready? Great! But don’t start handling them yet. The first rule of cooking is to wash your hands! You don’t want to spread germs, so wash your hands thoroughly, put on an apron to protect against spills or splatters, and with the help of your parents...Follow the recipe and start cooking!

Tasty Bites Everyone Will Love

Spotlight Your Masterpiece

Have you ever heard the expression, “you eat with your eyes first”? This means making your meal look as beautiful as possible so people will get excited to taste it! Here’s where you can let your creativity shine! Pick a fancy tablecloth, fold napkins into a fun shape, and plate up and decorate your food on pretty plates to show off your cooking. And don't forget to put out glasses or cups for your drinks!

Making veggies fun!

Gather Your Guests!

Now that you’ve plated up your food, it’s time to gather your friends and family to try it! Get ready for all the “oohs” and “aahs” when they see how good everything looks, then dig in!

Tidying Up Never Felt So Good

When everyone has finished eating, the final step is to tidy up. But you won’t mind clearing all the scraped clean plates because you’ll be so proud everyone loved what you made!

Certified Little Chef!

Congrats! You are now officially certified as a Cookidoo® Kids Chef! You did it!

Print out your diploma!