Watch how it’s done

Now on your TM6 - video streaming! Trying out a new dish with tricky techniques? We’ll show you how to master them. Some recipes now come with step videos in guided cooking! Take on challenging recipes, or start with the basics. Are you looking for fresh ideas in the kitchen? You can now also play our inspirational Cookidoo® editorial videos on your TM6!

Discover videos on your TM6

Bread and Buns (find step videos in the Guided Cooking of these recipes)

Classy Cakes (find step videos in the Guided Cooking of these recipes)

Delivered where you need it, when you need it

As you work your way through a recipe, get the help you need with a simple click. Embedded in your Guided Cooking experience is the video you need to move ahead to the next step. Short and sweet, showing you exactly what to do, when you need to do it.

Good to know

Where can I see these videos? Because the step videos are part of the Guided Cooking experience and are streamed to your connected TM6, you need an active Cookidoo® account to be able to view them. They can be found in specific recipe steps of select recipes.

What if I have no internet connection? You will see a still image from the video. A photo is worth a thousand words, too…

We don’t want to compete with your own cooking ambience soundtrack. We have chosen to keep our step videos audio-free, as learning by watching is supported by the guided cooking text. However, our inspirational videos play audio, so don’t be surprised when browsing Cookidoo® if your TM6 starts playing music!

For this recipe, I don’t need the video. In that case, don’t press play, just hit next. Guided Cooking adapts to your needs.

Terrific Tarts (find step videos in the Guided Cooking of these recipes)