Culinary Journey Through Poland

Poland is the perfect place to relax - picturesque views, beautiful mountains, lakes and the Baltic Sea. The cities are filled with awe-inspiring architecture, rich culture and, of course…Delicious food! Poles are known for their hospitality and kindness, so let them welcome you on a journey to discover the flavours of Poland.

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Traditional Polish Main Dishes

7 Must Eat Polish Foods

Discover the most famous Polish specialties, traditional dishes and ingredients.

1. Dumplings (Pierogies)

The famous 'pierogi' is the most well-known dish of Polish cuisine. The most popular type of pierogi is the Russian pierogi, filled with boiled potatoes and fresh cottage cheese. You can also find pierogies filled with meat (beef, pork, chicken, or veal), sauerkraut or mushrooms. They are usually served with cracklings (deep fried cubes of fat).

2. Fermented Foods
The tradition of preparing these natural probiotics goes back to the times of Old Polish cuisine. The most famous fermented foods are pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut, which are the basis of other dishes, such as the world-famous 'hunter's stew'. Other types of fermented foods are, for example, beetroot leaven, consumed in the form of juice, or rye leaven, which is used to prepare not only bread, but also the well-known Polish sour rye soup.

3. Sausage
Sausages are an everyday food in Polish cuisine, as well as something enjoyed on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Polish cold cuts and sausages are served sliced with traditional additions: gherkins, horseradish, beetroot (grated beetroot and horseradish), tartar sauce and mustard. Poles also love grilling sausage on a fire or BBQ, and they often add sausage to soups and stews.

4. Cheese
Oscypek, bryndza and bundz are traditional sheep's cheeses that Poland, and specifically the region of Podhale, are proud of. Other regions also boast delicious cheeses. In the Silesian region, they are famous for the production of fried cheese, prepared from mature cottage cheese. In Pomerania, you can find Polish cheese similar in style to the popular French Camembert cheese.

5. Fish
Thanks to their easy access to the sea, lakes, and rivers, Polish cuisine also includes delicious fish dishes. Polish herring appetisers are second to none; and cod, carp, trout, pike and perch are often served on Polish tables in a variety of dishes.

6. Soup
An absolute must-have dish at any time of the year! Polish soups are usually full-bodied and full of flavour - from broths with homemade noodles, to white or red borscht, mushroom soup, or cucumber soup… The options are endless!

7. Cabbage rolls (Gołąbki)
A comforting dish made with white cabbage leaves stuffed with rice and minced meat, served with a tomato or mushroom sauce. Cabbage rolls are simmered or baked and are best served the following day once they've had a chance to 'set' firmly!

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