50 Years, 50 Recipes

Happy birthday Thermomix®! To celebrate our anniversary, discover our 50 best Thermomix® recipes from across the decades and from around the world. Find history and stories spread amongst recipes, textures and flavours. Simply delicious - Then. Now. Always.

This page will whet your appetite…but it's the book that you will fall in love with!

A book that celebrates the last 50 years of Thermomix®. A special limited edition full of surprises. Discover the history of Thermomix®, get insights into recipe creation, be inspired by real testimonies that span across decades and generations… and so much more! All this complemented with the 50 best Thermomix® recipes from around the world.
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How is a Thermomix® recipe created?

During the last several decades, thousands of flavours, combinations and recipes have been created all over the world. There's an initial idea, a desire, research...and a team fully dedicated to testing, tasting and re-testing the recipe until it is perfect! After the photoshoot, the recipe can begin its journey in printed or digital format!

From simple soups to luxurious caramel

A taste of the decades

How has Thermomix® evolved over the last 50 years?

A thriving time for hippies and creamy soups with the VM2000.

Neon colours, pop music… and a new range of possibilities with the TM3000.

Introducing mobile phones and steam cooking with Varoma… meet the TM21.

A more digital and globalized world. Introducing the TM31 with an LCD screen, more buttons and features.

Touch is the key word! Recipes arrive on the Thermomix® screen with the TM5 with Cook-key. Then comes the latest model: Thermomix® TM6 - with Wi-Fi connectivity, integrated Cookidoo®, video, and so much more!

In a world of social networking and sharing, a new member of the Thermomix® family arrives: Thermomix Friend®!

Recipes that will trigger your five senses

The power of sharing

From steamed dumplings to baguette, bread takes on many different forms and every culture has their own idea of what "daily bread" is. It is a food that unites us across the global, and is often the perfect thing to share with those we love. Sharing meals brings people together, and Thermomix® has been facilitating these moments of joy and laughter for decades.

Breads from around the world

Celebrating the smartest way of cooking

Set the table, let Thermomix® do what it does best, and raise your glass for a toast… To all of you who have been a part of the Thermomix® success story – Then, Now and Always!

Our 50 Best Recipes