Immunity Booster

Your kitchen, pantry, garden and fridge are often an untapped superpower when it comes to boosting your immunity naturally. Here are some great recipes using immunity-boosting ingredients to help bolster your health and wellbeing. For a deeper dive, be sure to read our Natural Immunity Boosters article – you’ll find the link below!

Get into garlic, ginger and turmeric

Immune Booster

This is an incredible way to start your day. It's a juice full of flavour that also has richness from its immunity-boosting ingredients. We’ve got ginger, lemon and honey - it’s a total powerhouse in a glass!

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Pack in the Vitamin C – the fresher, the better!

Take a deeper dive

Read our article on how to boost your immunity naturally, with a focus on key ingredients and how to prepare them.

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Get your probiotics

Make some homemade yogurt - it's full of probiotics that will give your immune system a boost!

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