Thermomix Friend®

What if you could cook complete meals in two mixing bowls at the same time? Meet Thermomix Friend®. Use it together with your Thermomix® TM5 or TM6 to enjoy more free time, more functionality, and more delicious food.

Thermomix®'s best friend is here.

Get ready for next level guided cooking. Prepare multi-course meals with the new Thermomix Friend®, the complementary device for Thermomix®. Save even more time both for daily cooking and special occasions.

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Meet Thermomix Friend®

A real time saver

If Thermomix® already saves you time, with Thermomix Friend® at your side, you’ll be unbeatable! They work smoothly together as you follow the recipes with exclusive parallel guided cooking. Let these two get along and spend less time cooking and more time on the other things you love.

Time Saving Masterpieces

A complete meal...coming right up!

You can now prepare a complete menu with minimum effort. While your Thermomix Friend® cooks longer steps or recipes, such as stews, Thermomix® can take care of soup, side dishes or dessert.

Two Devices, One Fantastic Feast

Spoil your friends and family

Using Thermomix® with Thermomix Friend® allows you to cook the amount of portions you need when you need them most. Whether you have a large family, want to cook for a party, or are batch cooking to have homemade frozen meals ready to go, Thermomix Friend® has got you covered.

Batch cooking, large families, parties, … you name it!

Thermomix® & Thermomix Friend® - Your new best friends.

We've made cooking with Thermomix Friend® even easier. Make sure to register your Thermomix Friend® device under your Cookidoo® account so you are always informed about the latest recipes for Thermomix Friend® users.

You can also find Thermomix Friend® recipes by selecting Thermomix Friend® in the Cookidoo® search filters.

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Get inspired

Discover all our mouth-watering Thermomix Friend® recipes, developed to work perfectly in parallel with Thermomix®.

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