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Find out how to register, connect your device, set up your account and subscribe.

What can Cookidoo® do for you in your Everyday Kitchen Life?

Cookidoo® is your Thermomix® sidekick, your culinary partner to help, take care of, and inspire you in the kitchen!

Cookidoo® helps you:
● Create culinary wow everyday
● Organise and plan your meals
● Save time and money
● Provide delicious, nutritious meals for your loved ones

Cookidoo® takes care of you by offering:
● A diverse range of healthy recipe options
● Recipes tailored to all diets, lifestyles, and stages of life
● Tools to simplify meal planning and preparation

Cookidoo® inspires you with:
● Thousands of recipes in over 20 languages
● Personalised recipe recommendations
● Inspirational editorial content on the latest culinary trends


Register on Cookidoo®

If you haven't done so already, unlock a whole new world of cooking experiences by registering on Cookidoo®! All you need is an active e-mail address.

  1. From the homepage, click "Sign Up" in the top right-hand corner or click "Try it for free".
  2. Enter a valid e-mail address, a secure password, and select your country or region. You can only register for a country belonging to your Cookidoo® domain (e.g. UK for or the country of your actual location. If your location is in a different region, please follow the link provided on the registration page. To activate your 6-month free trial, you must register on the same Cookidoo® domain as country you purchased your Thermomix® (e.g. If you bought a TM6 in UK & Ireland, it must be linked to an account registered on
  3. After filling out the registration form, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail. Open the e-mail (check your Spam folder if you can’t see it), click the link to confirm, and you’re ready to go.
    Please note that you can’t use your existing login data for other Vorwerk sites to register with Cookidoo®, and account registration and management can only be carried out via the website.

Connect or Unlink your TM6 to Cookidoo®

On your TM6, go to Settings > Cookidoo® account then log in with your Cookidoo® credentials. Your TM6 will automatically synchronise with your Cookidoo® account. When you first connect, please allow your device plenty of time to synchronise as large amounts of recipes can take up to 20 minutes. You can add your TM6 to your Cookidoo® profile online or via the app. To unlink, go to Settings > Cookidoo® account > Log out > Unlink. The subscription is not assigned to your device, but to your profile. It is not possible to connect a TM6 to multiple Cookidoo® accounts. When you want to use the TM6 with another account, you must unlink it first, online or via the app.

Activate or Deactivate a Cook-Key® for your TM5

To activate your Cook-Key®, go to Account > My devices > Add device. Use the Cook-Key® ID to activate the Cook-Key® in your account, then synchronise recipes to your TM5. To deactivate, click on the button "Deactivate". It is not possible to activate a Cook-Key® on multiple accounts. When you want to use the Cook-Key® on another account, you must deactivate it beforehand.

Set Up your Cookidoo® Profile and Account

Your Profile
Customise your profile so it represents you! Once you've logged in to your Cookidoo® account, click on your name in the upper right corner, then go to "View Profile". Add your name and profile picture, then select a 'Cooking Style' that best suits you. Next, select the accessories you own to include them in your search results. Finally, adjust your search filter preferences by choosing your Thermomix® model, language and country or region.

Your Account
After you've signed in to your Cookidoo® account, you can access all of your account details by clicking on your name located in the top right corner. From there, select Account > Membership. On the left-hand side, you'll find a range of tabs to help you find and update your information.

Change your e-mail address under Edit account > Change profile. Make sure you verify and confirm this change by following the instructions sent to your new email address.

Change your country of residence under Edit account > Change profile. When creating an account, the country of residence can be different from the country of your origin. Your billing information and currency will automatically be set up based on your country of residence. Changing your country of residence will require you to enter your payment method so that the updated information can be used for future payments.

Membership: Here you can find all the details about your Cookidoo® membership. Discover what type of subscription you have, whether or not it’s active, when your next payment will be, and what type of payment it is e.g. annual. You can also update your payment method and cancel your subscription.

Vouchers: If you’ve received a Cookidoo® voucher code, you can redeem it here. Simply enter the voucher code in the box and click "Redeem".

Subscribe to Cookidoo®

Free Trial
When you register on Cookidoo®, you will receive a free 30-day trial, which includes access to all Cookidoo® content. If you sign up for an annual subscription during this time, it will start after your free trial ends. Otherwise, the trial will automatically end after 30 days, so you don't have to cancel it.

Plus, when you activate a new Cook-key on your Cookidoo® account or activate your Cookidoo® account on a new TM6, you get a free 6-month trial. Cookidoo® will send helpful email reminders when the trial is about to expire.

To find out when your trial is due to end, simply log in to your Cookidoo® account, click on your name in the top right corner, then go to Account > Membership.

Annual Subscription
You have the option to subscribe to the annual membership at any time during your free trial, ensuring uninterrupted access to Cookidoo® without worry. Your subscription only begins after your free trial period ends and is priced at just £40/€48.

To subscribe, log in to your Cookidoo® account, click on your name in the top right corner, then go to Account > Membership > Subscribe. Add and save your information and payment details. Your annual subscription will be renewed automatically, and Cookidoo® will send helpful email reminders when it will be renewed or if there are any issues with renewal.

You can also find out when your subscription is due to expire in Account > Account Overview or Account > Membership.

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